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March 3, 2022 | Rob Hirschberg

Data Center Day: The Importance of Data Centers

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Happy Data Center Day! International Data Center Day is designed to illustrate the importance that this industry has on our everyday lives. In today's blog post, we will break down what a data center is and why they are so important.

What is a Data Center?

In simplistic terms, a data center is fundamentally a huge computer that stores and processes information. They represent a physical facility that companies use to house their critical applications and data. Their design is based on a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data. Any company or organization that handles its users’ data must rely on data centers. 

Now that we have defined what a data center is, let's explore what's inside them. Data Centers are made up of routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, racks, batteries, and backup generators in case of a power breakdown. They also contain HVAC systems to keep cool air circulating to prevent any overheating.

Why Are Data Centers Important?

Data centers are important because we live in the modern digital world where everyone uses data. It's safe to say, that everyone has used the services provided by data centers at some point in their lives.

Whether you are sending an email, shopping online, playing video games, browsing social media, or saving a file to the cloud - everything you save online is stored in a data center. Also, with the increasing popularity of remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an even greater need for them.

Why Do Data Centers Need Backup Power?

Data Centers need optimal uninterrupted power 24/7. Unless you have a source of backup power, whenever your primary power supply is interrupted the function of your data center equipment will be interrupted as well. Without any backup power source, blackouts, brownouts, and power surges can all cause your data center to crash. When a data center shuts down improperly, data can be lost. In addition, when the equipment in your data center is down, business productivity and transactions come to a halt which can cause devastating loss of revenue as well.

For many businesses, the data center can play a central role in their revenue generation; therefore, uptime is integral in providing services to their customers or major money can be lost. Therefore telecom, e-commerce, social media, and many other companies must have critical power systems in place to avoid any downtime. According to the Uptime Institute, nearly a third of data center outages cost more than $250,000, with many exceeding $1 million.

For consumers, a data center outage due to power failure could mean a lapse in the usage of their favorite apps like Facebook and Netflix, or the inability to buy something from their favorite online store.

Data Centers Are the Backbone of the Digital World

Data centers are the lifeline that keeps our digital world going; they allow us to use our favorite apps, shop online, browse social media and more. Uptime is of the upmost importance, that's why large data center providers rely on Alpine Power Systems for their critical power solution needs.

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