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Battery & Metal Recycling

Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team is here to assist your needs:

Our services include Cradle-to-Grave Programs, EPA Approved Recycling and De-installations.

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EPA Approved Recycling

Installations, Containment, Removals, and Recycling of your battery systems and metals demand environmental expertise. To assure you of total compliance with Local, State, and Federal / EPA Guidelines, Alpine operates company owned vehicles, and utilize factory owned recyclers for proper handling and recycling of your batteries, copper, intercell connectors, and spent lighting fixtures. Alpine has 60+ years of experience in recycling batteries and have recycled over 300,000,000 lbs. recycled since our inception.

300000000 pounds of batteries recycled

Alpine recycles all brands of batteries including Stryten Energy (Formerly GNB Industrial Power), EnerSys, East Penn Deka, C&D Technologies, Crown Battery, PowerMAX, Hawker, Douglas, FIAMM, NorthStar, CSB, Samsung, Alpha Technologies, Trojan, CSB and more.

Our team are experts in handling the recycling of most battery chemistries including Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid, Flooded Lead-Acid, Ni-Cad, Ni-Zn, Ni-MH, Lithium-Ion and more.

VRLA FLA Li-Ion Ni-Cad Ni-Zn Ni-MH battery chemistries

Benefits of Utilizing Alpine for Recycling

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Important Questions to Ask About Your Company's Battery Recycling Process

  • Does the company that takes your spent batteries have specific Environmental Insurance Coverage? If so, how much coverage?

  • Do you have proper documentation to prove to Local / State / Federal Government Agencies where your spent batteries were recycled?

  • Does the company that takes your spent batteries use a properly licensed recycling operation that is located within the United States?

  • Is the company that takes your spent batteries aware of the potential environmental liability and does it accept responsibility for recycling those batteries?

  • Is the company that takes your spent batteries financially sound?

  • Do you have a process in place to manage the recycling of your spent batteries? Is your company aware of the potential liability due to improperly recycling spent batteries? Corporate image is extremely important to most companies.

Your company could be at risk if you are unsure or answer NO to any of these questions.

Recycling Services include:

  • Batteries

    • Valve Regulated Lead-Acid, Flooded Lead-Acid, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Ni-Zinc, Lithium

  • Copper

  • Metal

  • Intercell Connectors

  • Cables

ISO Certifications

Alpine Power Systems is proud to have three ISO Certifications that have been awarded to us after comprehensive audits completed by third-party, independent experts. Alpine must validate that all ISO processes are being followed through yearly follow up inspections.

Certification Certification Certification

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Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team are here to assist your needs.