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Small Cell Services

Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team is here to assist your needs:

Alpine Power Systems can provide turn-key Small Cell solutions.

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Small cells are discreet, fiber-connected antennas, generally positioned on utility poles and streetlights. Small cells work with tower infrastructure to provide better wireless coverage and capacity.

Alpine has decades of experience in installing small cells for indoor & outdoor applications. We work with all of the major carriers and other partners to push small cell technology forward. Regardless of your needs, our experts can help you find the right solution to meet your data demands for both today and tomorrow.

Benefits Of Small Cells:

  • Network reliability: Small cells extend coverage and add network density to meet large data demands which allows for increased speed and reliability to specific areas.  

  • Capacity for the future:  Small cells can be easily upgraded to add capacity and support the latest technologies.

  • Safety and security: Small cells help provide a reliable network to ensure communication with loved ones and emergency services.

  • Flexible usage: Small cells are significantly smaller than other wireless infrastructure solutions, they are ideal for adding connectivity in unique locations—especially indoors.

Small Cell Technologies:

Outdoor Small Cells

  • In most cities and towns, our small cells are discreetly installed on existing structures like streetlights and utility poles.

  • Outdoor small cells will be a critical part of smart city technology and 5G.

Indoor Small Cells

  • Our in-building technology is specifically built for indoor usage and high-capacity, mixed-use venues—including distributed antenna systems (DAS) and indoor small cells.

  • RF Testing allows us to design and build indoor solutions.

Small Cell Services Offered:
  • Construction

  • Installations

  • Testing

  • RF & Fiber Installation

  • RF, PIM, OTDR, & IOLM Testing

  • Power, Batteries & UPS

  • Civil Work

  • AC & DC Services

  • Wood, Steel, & Custom Pole Solutions

  • Directional Bored & Trenching Services

ISO Certifications

Alpine Power Systems is proud to have three ISO Certifications that have been awarded to us after comprehensive audits completed by third-party, independent experts. Alpine must validate that all ISO processes are being followed through yearly follow up inspections.

Certification Certification Certification

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Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team are here to assist your needs.