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Hindle ATevo Battery Charger

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ATevo™ is HindlePower’s next generation SCR-based utility battery charger. This evolutionary product is revolutionary in its design and operation and made to exceed your expectations.

Hindle ATevo Battery Charger
Hindle ATevo Battery Charger
Hindle ATevo Battery Charger
Hindle ATevo Battery Charger

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ATevo™ is HindlePower’s next generation SCR-based utility battery charger. This evolutionary product is revolutionary in its design and operation and made to exceed your expectations. ATevo™ was conceived, designed and manufactured with three uncompromising goals in mind:

  • A battery charger that makes your job easier

  • To retain the quality and integrity existing in the original AT series battery chargers design

  • To satisfy your NERC and utility industry requirements in an ever-changing world

Driven by these goals, and keeping in mind the simplicity and intuitive nature of the original AT series, has resulted in a simply intelligent design that is still the world’s easiest use. The ATevo's™ open architecture design offers you flexible operation to meet your ever evolving DC power requirements. These new features are paired with the Hindle Health™ System™ to make your job quicker and easier than ever before.

The Hindle Health™ System offers you peace of mind via real-time status notification that your charger is “healthy” and operating properly. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation. In the event an issue is detected, the Hindle Health™ System alerts you of the problem and immediately offers the remedy.

The Hindle Health™ Button initiates a systematic diagnosis of all parameters and internal components to confirm your charger is operating properly.

Hindle Health™ Status Lights: An indicator light to let you know your charger is functioning correctly. See green? You know all is well.

Hindle Health™ Button: A simple, step by step system check that easily allows the user to verify the internal components are working and operating per the user’s set points.

Hindle Health™ Diagnostics: A powerful diagnostic program alerting you of potential issues as they occur with easy to understand steps to correct the situation.


  • Universal main control board operates in any ATevo charger

  • Standard Alarm Suite with LED Indicators (AC Failure, Low DC Voltage, High DC Voltage, DC Output Failure, Positive Ground Fault, Negative Ground Fault)

  • Common Alarm LED Indictor (for all other alarms including: Low AC Voltage, High AC Voltage, End of Discharge, Low DC Current)

  • Programmable summary relay contact that can be configured to indicate any or all alarm conditions

  • Ability to disable redundant analog circuitry for High DC Voltage detection

  • Programmable High DC Voltage Shutdown independent of the microprocessor

  • Float and multiple equalize charging modes with LCD display indication

  • Manual equalize timer (0-255 hr.)

  • AC line failure automatic equalize timer (0-255 hr.)

  • AC On indicating light

  • 0.5% Digital metering for Vdc and Adc measurements

  • Graphical LCD Display with LED backlight

  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers

  • Multi-Level password for security

  • A redundant analog circuit for LVDC alarm, independent of the microprocessor

  • Multiple processor design for exceptional reliability

  • Local or remote voltage sense with redundancy to protect against remote sense failure

  • Input & output MOV surge suppressors

  • Battery Open Alarm

  • Reverse polarity protection diode

  • Switchboard wire, UL VW-1

  • Enclosure pre-treated using a 5-stage iron phosphate process with baked epoxy powder coating in ANSI 61 gray

  • Removable memory card for event logging and firmware upgrades

  • Battery backed up real time clock for date and time stamping events

  • Battery discharge alarm

  • Hindle Health™ System , intelligent self-diagnostics

Voltage Ratings:

24, 48, 130 or 260* Vdc nominal

Current Ratings:

6, 12, 16, 20, 25Adc *

260Vdc - 6,12 Adc only

Continuous Rating:

110% rated current at maximum equalize voltage at -10 to +60ºC

Transient Rating:


Current Limit Adjustment Range:

50% to 110% rated output

Voltage Regulation:

±0.25% for line, load and temp. variations

*Regulation at max. extended equalize voltages may not meet ±0.25%

Electrical Noise:




  • Filtered on battery 30mVrms

  • Filtered off battery 1% Vrms

  • Battery Eliminator 30mVrms


  • Filtered on battery 100mVrms

  • Filtered off battery 2% Vrms

  • Battery Eliminator 100mVrms

  • Super Eliminator 30mVrms


  • Filtered on battery 200mVrms

  • Filtered off battery 2% Vrms

  • Battery Eliminator 200mVrms

Surge Withstand Capability:

Designed to meet IEEE-472, ANSI C37.90a

Alpine Power Systems is a value-added reseller of Hindle products. Alpine can provide DC Power System services on all Hindle products including engineering, installation, preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling. Alpine provides services for data centers, telecom, healthcare, oil & gas and many other applications. Contact us today for pricing and technical inquiries.


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Hindle Power

Hindle Power

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