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Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries

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Element® valve-regulated lead-acid batteries never need watering and are designed for light retail and medium warehouse material handling applications.

Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries
Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries
Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries
Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries

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The Stryten Energy Marathon Element Batteries are a retired/discontinued product, click below for replacements:

Stryten M-Series AGM200 Batteries

Marathon Element AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries and power systems have revolutionized the electric lift truck industry by utilizing technology that combines the dependable power of our lead-acid batteries with the convenience of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology. Engineered to provide lower maintenance and equipment costs, Marathon Element batteries are a safe, clean solution for your business.

The Element battery virtually eliminates the mess and hazards associated with typical battery maintenance, making it cleaner, safer and easier to use. Marathon Element batteries are also kinder to the environment.  Designed for use in all classes of electric forklift trucks (walkies, narrow-aisle and sit-down counterbalance), Element VRLA batteries can save you money by providing longer battery runtime and increased productivity for your fleet. Alpine Power Systems is a platinum provider of Stryten Energy batteries.

Models include: 12-85-13, 12-100-13, 12-125-15, 18-85-17, 18-85-21, 18-85-23, 18-85-25, 18-100-21, 18-100-23, 18-100-25, 18-125-13, 18-125-15, 18-125-17, 18-140-13, 18-140-15, 18-140-17, 24-85-21, 24-100-21.

Marathon Element Batteries For Classes I, II, & III Forklifts

Choose from a complete family of batteries developed for your applications. Our unique tray design includes top and front cable exits, a flush bolt-on cover and a full exterior weld for strength and durability. Convenient lifting ears also make change-outs quick and simple, whether you’re running full-size lift trucks, narrow aisle models  or walkies.


No Watering Needed

AGM technology, unlike standard flooded or gel batteries, minimizes gassing, which eliminates daily watering and acid equalization maintenance.


AGM technology holds electrolyte like a sponge, effectively eliminating acid spills at any orientation, keeping your environment safe and clean.

Marathon Element Battery Features & Benefits:

Connector Bolts

Epoxy coating provides vibration resistance

Jar Cover

Heat sealed & Helium leak tested

Pressure Relief

Self-sealing with built-in flash arrester

Low Resistance Copper

Threaded copper inserts provide superior conductivity for greater electrical efficiency

Grid Designs

Advanced alloys and patterns maximize the effectiveness of both positive and negative plates

Absorbed Glass Mat Separators

High porosity material for maximum recombination and electrolyte absorption


SB and Euro connectors available


Fully welded, all-steel constructed external trays with maximum strength,  heat-cured electrostatic powder coated finish for extra durability

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PDF Document
GNB Element AGM VRLA Batteries IO Manual
PDF Document
GNB Marathon Element Product Family Trade Sheet

ISO Certifications

Alpine Power Systems is proud to have three ISO Certifications that have been awarded to us after comprehensive audits completed by third-party, independent experts. Alpine must validate that all ISO processes are being followed through yearly follow up inspections.

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Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team are here to assist your needs.