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Vertiv SmartMod

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The SmartMod™ offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, modular enclosure for stand-alone data centers.

Vertiv SmartMod

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Deploying a new data center is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. Building one in a short timeframe is nearly impossible.

The SmartMod™ offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, modular enclosure for stand-alone data centers.​

The SmartMod infrastructure solution is pre-engineered from the ground up to provide a complete power and cooling infrastructure and configuration flexibility that typical data center containers cannot. This means once you've configured your SmartMod enclosure, it becomes a data center manager's dream with remote management, intelligent controls, and unmatched engineering to accommodate your needs for economy and efficiency.

Key Features:

  •  High-efficiency cooling technologies support higher density – Liebert® CRV™ precision cooling system with Liebert iCOM® controls match cooling to rack load, and reduce cooling system energy consumption and cooling system costs

  •  Modular, scalable high-efficiency and high-reliability UPS – Liebert APM™ provides transformer-free, on-line, uninterrupted power, and KIRK™ key interlock system for safety

  •  Safe and secure – Remotely monitor physical security and access through video cameras and access-triggered alarms Integrated fire suppression enhances safety and physical security

  •  Comprehensive, remote data center infrastructure management – Avocent® appliances and software provide comprehensive, remote monitoring and control

  • Proactive battery monitoring and management – Alber BDSi® in external battery cabinet constantly monitors each battery to ensure availability and reliability

  •  Easy access and service – Unique 11.5-foot internal width provides wider aisles for easy movement and equipment maintenance

  •  Flexible power distribution – Liebert MB® Modular Busway is a flexible and economical way to deliver power to the rack without the cost or hassle of power cable whips. Connects directly to rack PDUs

  •  Flexible platform for easy configuration – Full-depth DCM™ racks maximize space utilization and allow you to add any type of IT or networking equipment and simplify cable management with toolless accessories

Alpine Power Systems provides critical power services  on Vertiv batteries for data center, telecom, CATV, Utility, and other apllications. Alpine's certified technician's can provide Vertiv installation, battery preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling services nationwide. Call or email us today for quotation requests and technical inquiries.


  • Enterprise Data Center




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Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team are here to assist your needs.