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Vertiv NetSure 721 DC Power Systems

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The modular NetSure® 721 power system with 3500 watt rectifiers and 20 amp DC to DC converters provides up to 4000 amps of current for -48 volt systems with up to 480 amps at +24 volts.

Vertiv NetSure 721 DC Power Systems

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The modular NetSure® 721 power system with 3500 watt rectifiers and 20 amp DC to DC converters provides up to 4000 amps of current for -48 volt systems with up to 480 amps at +24 volts. The basic components of the power system include the ACU+ control unit, module mounting shelf assemblies which house the rectifiers and converters, and a modular distribution cabinet.

The NetSure® 721 power system contains a powerful, microprocessor-based control system capable of monitoring and controlling up to 60 rectifiers. The ACU+ controller provides a 4x16-character alphanumeric display, which can be activated at the touch of a keypad.

The NetSure® 721 can be expanded to up to three distribution bays for a total capacity of 4000 amps and up to twelve distribution panels. Each NetSure® 721 distribution cabinet is modular by row and position. Four distinct distribution cabinet sizes are available to accommodate from one to four distribution panels. This allows the system to be configured in relay racks of various heights for installation in low-profile sites or atop batteries or other equipment to make more effective use of floor space. Several distribution panels are available offering different combinations of distribution positions, low voltage disconnect and battery disconnect options.

Distribution device options include 1 to 250 amp bullet-style circuit breakers, 3 to 125 amp TPS-style fuses in plug-in bullet-style holders, 100 to 800 amp GJ/218-style circuit breakers, 70 to 250 amp TPL-B style fuses and 70 to 800 amp TPH-style fuses. These devices can be configured for both -48V load and battery disconnect and +24V load (bullet devices only). A GMT fuse module is also available.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Efficiency – 96.5% efficient eSure™ rectifiers ensure optimized total cost of ownership

  • Modular Design – simple to install and operate; allows incremental cost-effective system growth

  • Advanced Controller – offers battery management, AC service monitoring, site monitoring and configuration management

  • Remote Access – options allow users to view, control and interact with the system using an Ethernet interface

  • Plug’n’Play – add rectifiers and converters without changing the settings and making adjustments; no system interruption

  • Front Accessible – allows for easy installation, additions and maintenance

  • Constant Power – delivers more current at lower voltages to meet load or recharge demand

  • Safety Compliance – NEBS Level 3 certified; UL Listed to UL subject 1801

Alpine Power Systems is a value-added reseller of Vertiv products. Alpine can provide DC Power System services on all Vertiv products including engineering, installation, preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling. Alpine has 25 locations and 200 technicians that are available to provide service nationwide. Call or email us today for quotation requests and technical inquiries.


  • MTSO
  • CATV Headend
  • Central Office
  • Customer Premises
  • DAS
  • Data Center
  • Remote Terminal
  • Wireless Base Station




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PDF Document
ACU Plus Controller Data Sheet
PDF Document
R48-3500e Rectifier Data Sheet
PDF Document
C48-24-1500 Data Sheet
PDF Document
Vertiv NetSure DC/DC Converter Module
PDF Document
DC Power Systems Overview Brochure
PDF Document
Vertiv eSure Rectifier R48-2000e Data Sheet
PDF Document
Vertiv NetSure 721 Installation Manual
PDF Document
Vertiv NetSure 721 Ordering Guide
PDF Document
System Application Guide

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