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Eagle Eye BQMS Battery Monitoring System

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The Eagle Eye BQMS Battery Monitoring System is a modular system that allows for complete monitoring of a single or multiple battery systems.

Eagle Eye BQMS Battery Monitoring System

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The Eagle Eye BQMS Battery Monitoring System is a modular system that allows for complete monitoring of a single or multiple battery systems. Parameters monitored include string voltage, DC current, cell voltage, cell / connection resistance, cell temperature, & ambient temperature. The BQMS is designed for use on vented lead acid, valve regulated lead acid, and nickel-cadmium battery systems.

Included with the BQMS is Eagle Eye’s proprietary Battery Management Software Centroid 2. This software package allows for remote viewing and data management of all connected Eagle Eye battery diagnostic systems. Report generation, trending analysis, & detailed alarming can all be viewed on a single or multiple PC’s on the same network as the BQMS. Alternatively, the BQMS can be configured to communicate via Modbus to a building management system, SCADA, or other custom fit management system. All BQMS systems have the option to include up to (8) Form C relays for additional external alarming.

The BQMS battery monitoring system has a modular and scalable design. There are four system components that make up the BQMS battery monitoring system:

1) Modules: Measure the cell data via clamps attached to battery connections.

2) CCU (Central Control Unit): Collects measured data from Modules and relays to Server, also alarms via Form C relay to BMS / SCADA.

3) Server PC (Main Unit): (Optional) Industrial PC Server which regulates all measurement data between each BQMS system (CCU) and client software installations. Also used for Modbus communication.

4) Client Software: Centroid 2 Battery Management Software is installed on any PC on the same network as the Server PC. Allows remote monitoring of all measured data.

The BQMS Battery Monitoring System Includes:


  • Measuring Module(s)

  • O-Clamps for inter-cell cable connections

  • C-Clamps for inter-cell busbar connections

  • Cabling for all measurement connections

  • CT Clamp for DC current measurement

  • Centroid 2 Battery Management Software

  • User Manual

  • Optional: Spare Parts Kit

Before installation of the BQMS, Eagle Eye will send you an BMS-Series Site Survey Form. This site survey form allows us to customize your BQMS battery monitoring system based on your batteries, network, and battery site.

Battery failure can happen overnight, and Eagle Eye’s real-time battery monitoring systems allow full protection and confidence against such failures. Ohmic resistance and voltage measurements (per jar) are taken as often as every five minutes. String current, DC voltage, and temperature are measured in real-time. These measured parameters will provide the user a real-time understanding of their batteries state-of-health. Ohmic resistance results represent the condition and state-of-health of the battery, and expose weaknesses in cells & intercell conditions without stressing the battery. Cell and string voltage results can indicate if the battery is fully charged or if there are problems with the battery or charger. Stable temperature results indicate a proper operating environment, while high recorded temperatures can be a sign of thermal runaway.

Use the BQMS battery monitoring system to measure these parameters to protect the integrity of your system, and exceed industry testing requirements by IEEE and NERC. Request a battery monitoring quote online now with your battery monitoring requirements.

Alpine Power Systems is a value-added reseller of Eagle Eye products. Alpine can provide battery testing equipment services on all Eagle Eye products including engineering, installation, preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling. Alpine provides services for data centers, telecom, healthcare, oil & gas and many other applications. Call our inside sales group at 877-993-8855 for assistance.


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Eagle Eye

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