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C&D Long Duration TEL12-70

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C&D Long Duration TEL12-70

C&D Dynasty TEL Long Duration

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Features for C&D Long Duration TEL12-70:

  • Telecordia ceritified life exceeding 10 years

  • Telecordia tested and qualified to meet all SR-4228 requirements

  • Flame-arresting, one-way pressure-relief vent for safety and long life

  • Thermally welded case-to-cover bond to ensure a leak-proof seal

  • Flame-retardant polypropylene case and cover compliant with UL94 V-0 with an Oxgyen Limiting Index of greater than 28

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination 99% plus

  • Complies with UL1778, 924, 1989, and 94 V-0

  • UL-recognized component

  • Can be used in any orientation. Upright, side or end mounting recommended

  • Low-profile terminals with threaded copper alloy inserts for reduced height, reduced maintenance and increased safety

  • Front Access threaded copper alloy inserts on TEL12-105FS

  • Multicell design for ease of installation and maintenance

  • Not restricted for air transport- Classified as non-hazardous material, complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67

  • Not restricted for surface transport- Classified as non-hazardous material, complies with DOT-CFR Title 49 parts 171-189

  • Not restricted for water transport- Classified as non-hazardous material, complies with IMDG exception 238

  • Operating Temperature Range with Temperature Compensation: Discharge: -40°F (-40°C) to +160°F (71°C)   Charge: -10°F (-23°C) to +140°F (60°C)

  • Normal Operation Temperature Range: +74°F (23°C) to 80°F (27°C)

  • Recommended Maximum Charging Current Limit: C/5 amperes @ 20 Hr rate @ 77°F (25°C)

General Specifications for C&D Long Duration TEL12-70:

Model: TEL12-70

#Cells/Voltage: 6 Cells/ 12 Volts

Weight (lbs): 55.8

Weight (kg): 25.3

Top Width (in): 10.26

Top Width (mm): 260.5

Bottom Width (in): 10.17

Bottom Width (mm): 258.4


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C&D Technology Power Solutions

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