Carney Automatic Battery Maid

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Clean Batteries help improve performance, prolong the life and maximise safety of working with your battery assets by reducing potential voltage drops, earth tracking and potential corrosion to both battery and lift truck. The Battery Maid lets you enjoy these benefits without the mess and risk with its automated wash and drying system all in one.

This freestanding system can be linked with our ST-80 Waste Water System to provide a closed loop wash function with no run-off or waste and no need to have floor wastes. With its powered interlock door system, automated acid neutralization, programmable wash and drying times plus clear user interface it delivers fast, reliable and safe cleaning of your entire fleet without the risk, mess and hassle.

The system accommodate for both lift-out and roll-out battery systems and offers the highest available wash pressure of 100PSI and flow rate of 16GPM delivered across the entire battery, regardless of size, by our powered oscillating wash arm. If you’re after the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep your battery fleet clean and performing at its best the ABM is the only logical choice.