Carney Battery Bull Hydraulic (BBH)

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With its clear, logical and ergonomic control panel the BBH allows the operator deliver faster, more consistent and accurate changes that keep your truck fleet working rather than backed up in the battery room. The system employs tightly integrated safety systems that maximize the protection of your personnel and minimize the likelihood of costly damage to your plant and equipment. With its dual roller bed, powerful electromagnet extraction and powered lead rollers the BBH system can deliver high throughput changing with that all important small footprint in your expensive production or warehouse space.

  • Robust hydraulic drive and lift functions
  • Dual roller powered beds for pre-staging and faster changes
  • Powerful electromagnet allows for dual sided loading and unloading
  • Single & Double stacking racking configurations supporting up to 200+ batteries
  • Suited to fleets of 30+ batteries OR where change efficency is critical