HOPPECKE is a premier provider of stationary batteries for UPS, Telecom, Switchgear, Utility, CATV, Broadband, Security, Alarms, & Other applications. Alpine Power Systems is an approved vendor of HOPPECKE batteries. Founded in 1927, HOPPECKE Batteries, European family-run company, is the world largest family owned manufacturer of new technology and services for the storage of energy including batteries, cells, monitoring systems and chargers. HOPPECKE Batteries, Inc. was incorporated in the US in 1985 and has a strategically located headquarters in the Mid-Atlantic region. HOPPECKE offers batteries in many different chemistries including AGM VRLA, Flooded, Gel VRLA, Lithium Ion and more. Alpine Power Systems performs services on HOPPECKE stationary batteries including battery replacements, battery installations, battery preventative maintenance, battery repairs and recycling.

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