CATV & Broadband Batteries

Alpine Power Systems has been working with cable providers for over 15 years. With decades of experience, we are experts in providing solutions for cable and broadband backup power. As a Platinum Value-Added Distributer of EnerSys, C&D Technologies, East Penn Deka, and GNB, we carry large inventory of sealed (VRLA, gel, wet) pure lead and lead acid batteries to meet most energy demands and to be prepared for any power emergency. Our technicians are experts in assessing the proper CATV battery systems you require and installing them safely and cost effectively. Our “cradle-to-grave” programs ensure your batteries are safely uninstalled and recycled. Cable TV is often referred to as CATV (Community Antenna or Community Access Television). CATV is a broadcast distribution system that uses cables to deliver media services.  The CATV (Cable Television) and Broadband market is one of the fastest growing telecommunications segments. Higher subscriber volumes, increased expectations, elevated levels of service, and uptime are critical for telecoms.

Broadcast distribution systems need battery standby in the event of power disturbances including power disruptions, power surges, power outages, utility failure, black outs, and brownouts. When you experience a power outage of equipment failure, battery backup DC load banks must provide power to ensure uptime. You can rely on Alpine’s wide range of Cable Broadband standby batteries when you need them. Alpine can provide the correct CATV battery products for reliable backup of outside plant, critical head end, dc plant locations, and Data Center UPS loads. Alpine’s Cable and Broadband battery offerings are known for their superior life, reliability, and industry proven performance. Our trained and certified team of technicians can install and perform battery preventative maintenance on your cable tv battery systems to assure the cable systems operator that he has reliable backup power when needed.  Battery backup system maintenance is crucial for consistent reliability for Cable TV and Broadband Systems. Alpine’s battery preventative maintenance on these systems helps prevent unexpected battery failures which have the possibility of leading to hazardous working conditions, fires, network outages, and loss of customer base. Don’t let your batteries fail and leave your cable and broadband infrastructure compromised. Alpine offers a full range of Cable battery maintenance programs and real-time CATV / Broadband battery monitoring systems to eliminate the risk of battery failure. Alpine Power Systems also offers a vast line of broadband and CATV battery accessories including, battery stands, outside plant enclosures, battery cabinets, charges, load banks, DC power systems, spill containment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, and other safety equipment.