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Alcad’s delivers reliable cutting-edge technology products and uncompromising focus on quality. Alcad has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of standby power thanks to its extensive range of battery types, all designed to deliver power, safety and reliability. Alcad's production sites benefit from over a century of knowledge and experience in nickel-cadmium battery production to supply today’s global advanced technology battery market. Alcad is one of the world’s major suppliers of nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial and commercial applications. Alcad's long established ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site and headquarters in Sweden benefit from a century of knowledge and experience in nickel technology battery systems to supply today’s global advanced battery market. If your activity requires emergency power, UPS or control & safety system support, Alcad has the solution you need. Alcad’s nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are particularly well suited to complex projects in harsh environments, as well as in locations with extremely hot or cold climates. Alcad batteries support critical loads, start backup generators, control shutdown processes, protect control and switching systems and UPS installations, and safeguard computer data in a wide range of industries across the world. All of our nickel-cadmium batteries will deliver power, safety and reliability to your stationary applications across a long service life, even at high temperatures.

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ISO Certifications

Alpine Power Systems is proud to have three ISO Certifications that have been awarded to us after comprehensive audits completed by third-party, independent experts. Alpine must validate that all ISO processes are being followed through yearly follow up inspections.

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Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team are here to assist your needs.