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March 5, 2023 | Rob Hirschberg

Stryten Energy Battery Guide | M-Series

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We are happy to introduce Stryten Energy's (Previously GNB Industrial Power) New M-Series of Batteries & Chargers. These batteries deliver the performance and quality that you need to keep your operations running smoothly. You will see simplified product names and streamlined labels to easily navigate our railway product portfolio. This simple guide lists each product with its previous name, the new name, and key features for each battery. Alpine Power Systems is a proud partner of Stryten Energy.

M-Series Batteries

GNB LiFTFORCE LPX 2.0 → Stryten Energy M-Series Li510

Stryten Energy M-Series Li510 lithium-ion batteries deliver faster charging, greater efficiency and increased cycle life, all in a maintenance-free package. Featuring a dual cable system for convenient charging and integrated BMS, our Li510 delivers convenience and battery monitoring, while providing a more powerful and cost-effective solution for your business. 

GNB LiFTFORCE LPX → Stryten Energy M-Series Li500

Stryten Energy M-Series Li500 lithium-ion batteries will change the way you think about performance. They deliver faster charging, lower maintenance and increased cycle life, all designed to lower your operating costs.

GNB Tubular MPX → Stryten Energy M-Series  T330

Stryten Energy M-Series T330 batteries with Tubular technology deliver more power in the same size container, with up to 18% more capacity. These batteries are designed for opportunity and fast charging applications. T330 batteries also feature our tubular technology, which provides longer run times versus competitive square grid designs.

GNB Tubular LMX → Stryten Energy M-Series  T310

Stryten Energy M-Series T310 batteries with Tubular technology provide the benefit of 90-day watering cycles through an innovative plate design that provides more than 70% more electrolyte headspace. The T310 is ideal for opportunity charge applications.

GNB Tubular LMX-FP SYSTEM → Stryten Energy M-Series T310FP

Stryten Energy M-Series T310FP is the efficient power solution system for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs. This integrated system, ideal for light- and medium-duty use, consists of a low-maintenance T310FP flooded tubular-plate battery with an on-board, top-mounted high-frequency charger in the same durable rust-resistant steel tray.

GNB Tubular CMX → Stryten Energy M-Series T300

Stryten Energy  M-Series T300 batteries deliver premium, cost-efficient power and are more durable and dependable than traditional flat-plate designs. T300 batteries are ideal for everyday conventional use and for opportunity charging operations.

GNB Marathon FPX → Stryten Energy M-Series F110

Stryten Energy M-Series F110 flat-plate batteries deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability to get the job done. The improved performance and extended cycle life of the F110 will boost your medium- to heavy-duty trucks’ run time and is designed for use in opportunity charge applications.

GNB Marathon Classic → Stryten Energy M-Series F100

Stryten Energy M-Series F100 is an economical, flooded flat-plate battery designed to deliver consistent and reliable power for light- to medium-duty applications. F100 batteries are optimized for use in conventional charging.

GNB Marathon Pow’r Pak LD → Stryten Energy M-Series AGM220

Stryten Energy M-Series AGM220 is an integrated, valve-regulated battery and charging system designed for 24-volt electric walkie pallet trucks with loading capacities of up to 4,500 pounds. Our AGM220 houses a “smart” HF charger, complete with auto stop/start capabilities and four 6-volt AGM210 batteries.

GNB Marathon Element Bloc → Stryten Energy M-Series AGM210

Stryten Energy M-Series AGM210 valve-regulated bloc batteries are designed for use in AGM220 systems, maintenance (scissor) lifts, wheelchairs, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), golf carts, personnel carriers and other small powered electric vehicles.

GNB Marathon Element → Stryten Energy M-Series AGM200

Stryten Energy M-Series AGM200 valve-regulated batteries never need watering and are designed for light retail and medium warehouse material handling applications.

Stryten Energy M-Series Chargers

GNB Fury X-3 & Fury X-7 → Stryten Energy M-Series X-3 & X-7

The Stryten Energy M-Series family of modular, multi-voltage opportunity chargers are designed for industrial battery fleet applications. They are ready to charge almost any motive battery, including our Li510. Our X-7 and X-3 chargers use the latest Silicon Carbide MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) power technology to provide efficient high-frequency power conversion to minimize infrastructure costs, reduce your carbon footprint and provide multi-shift opportunity and fast charging capabilities. All X-7 and X-3 chargers are available CEC-certified.

GNB EHF → Stryten Energy M-Series EHF

Stryten Energy M-Series EHF high-frequency chargers provide a multi-curve range for standard flooded, low-maintenance flooded and low maintenance valve-regulated batteries. This smart charger includes multiple algorithms appropriate for our AGM200, our tubular T330, T320 and T310 batteries and our flooded F110 and F100 batteries.

GNB EHY → Stryten Energy M-Series EHY

Stryten EnergyM-Series EHY industrial battery chargers deliver very high energy efficiency with software-defined charge control for flooded-cell industrial batteries. Many models are compliant with California Energy Commission guidelines.


Stryten Energy M-Series EHI industrial chargers offer the latest in software-defined charging profiles to control the optimal charging current for our flat-plate, tubular and AGM (VRLA) motive power batteries. The charging curve is pre-programmed for each battery type.

GNB EF XPS →  Stryten Energy M-Series XPS

Stryten Energy M-Series XPS chargers are conservatively rated to recharge our flooded F110 and F110, and our tubular T330, T320, T310 and T300 batteries to their full nameplate rated amp hour.

GNB CC Constant Charger → Stryten Energy M-Series CC

The Stryten Energy automatic M-Series Constant Charger (CC) is perfect for charging several different battery sizes and configurations. With a constant current to the battery of 28 amps, it is an ideal choice for a universal ferroresonant charger when several batteries of different cell and amp-hour sizes are being charged.

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