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February 2, 2017 | Zach Miskowski

Routine Maintenance Schedules Improve Battery Life Immensely

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Adding water and knowing the importance of charging are crucial for extending the life of lead-acid batteries. Routine maintenance can increase performance and make your batteries last longer, which saves businesses a ton of money and reduce operating costs, in the long-run. Charging, watering, and doing an equalization charge should be done routinely.

Read the list below for more tips on extending your lead-acid battery’s life.

Check vent caps: Make sure your vent caps are properly sealed after watering to help prevent ignition of gases within the batteries.

Clean Terminals: Use baking soda and water solution to neutralize acid on corroded terminals, then use a wire brush to brush off the terminals.

Check Electrolyte Levels:  Make sure a batteries electrolyte level is correct after each charge cycle.

Add Water: This is a very important step, flooded lead-acid batteries will always need water.

Equalization Charge: After a normal charge you must perform an equalization charge and once every 30 days during regular use.

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