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February 4, 2021 | Rob Hirschberg

National Battery Day - Recognizing The Importance Lead-Acid Batteries' Role In Pandemic

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From aiding first responders and vaccine distribution to providing backup power, connectivity and green jobs, lead-acid batteries have been steadfast throughout COVID-19 and are essential for economic recovery.

We owe many conveniences of modern life, including critical services during the pandemic, to batteries. That’s why we celebrate National Battery Day annually on February 18. It’s the birthday of Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, chemist and pioneer of electricity who is credited as the inventor of the electric battery.

But this year, the day is especially poignant. Lead batteries have been essential to surviving COVID-19. And, they’ll play a critical role in our country’s economic recovery. Alpine Power Systems is proud to be a provider of lead-acid batteries for critical and essential applications such as telecommunications, data centers, renewable energy, and warehousing. 

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