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December 2, 2020 | Rob Hirschberg

Best Practices For Maintaining Your Forklift Batteries

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Always remember to properly maintain your motive power batteries for optimum performance! The suggestions below are meant for flooded lead-acid forklift batteries utilizing conventional charging methods.


  • Proper Water Level: Top of strap

  • Weekly: Check water level after a charging cycle

  • Bi-monthly: If watering system present, manually check cell's water level and watering system functionality

Equalizing (EQ):

  • Ensure charger is properly programmed for the battery

  • Every 5th charge, run a full EQ cycle

  • Let battery rest for 8 hours after EQ and top off electrolyte


  • Operating / charging temperature range: 60° - 110° F

  • Delay charging if battery is outside of safe temperature range

  • Do not leave batteries in cold storage area when not in use


  • Batteries are designed to use 80% of their total stored energy

  • Irreversible damage occurs after 80% of energy is used

  • Always recharge when low battery indicator turns on

General Maintenance:

  • Top of battery should always be kept clean and dry

  • Every month, you should:

    • Inspect and clean top of battery

    • Inspect cable and charging plugs

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