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June 2, 2020 | Rob Hirschberg

Battery & Charger Safety Tips For Forklift Safety Day 2020

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National Forklift Safety Day (June 9th) is a day to honor those who have suffered serious injuries or died in forklift accidents by spreading safety awareness. Today is all about increasing forklift safety in workplaces around America.

The Importance of Forklift Safety:

  • 96,000 workers are injured per year due to forklifts.

  • 11% of forklifts will be involved in an accident.

  • 70% of all forklift accidents could be avoided with proper training and policy.

In honor of today, we at Alpine Power Systems put together a blog outlining safety measures that should take place when performing routine forklift battery & charger maintenance. See below.

Battery & Charger Safety Tips

  1. No Smoking or Open Flame Near Batteries: Gases produced by a battery may be explosive. Keep the charging area well ventilated.

  2. Caution: Batteries Contain Sulfuric Acid: Sulfuric acid may cause severe burns. In case of contact, flush immediately and thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention if eyes are affected.

  3. Wear Protective Clothing: When handling or working on a battery, it is best to wear a face shield, plastic, or rubber gloves and an apron for optimum protection to eyes, skin and clothing.

  4. Keep Metal Objects Off Battery: A battery is electrically live at all times. Metal objects can conduct electricity, resulting in a shock. For this reason, do not lay metal objects on a battery. Do not wear jewelry while servicing a battery. Use only insulated tools when working on a battery.

  5. Always Turn Off the Charger Prior to Disconnecting the Battery: It is important to utilize the charger stop button prior to disconnecting the battery to prevent arcing.

  6. Clean and Neutralize Batteries Regularly: Keep the battery top clean and dry. Clean and neutralize the battery regularly with an approved product.

  7. Limit Discharge to 80% of Battery's Rated Capacity: For maximum life, charge in a cool, well-ventilated location. Allow the battery to cool down after discharge and recharge (Non-Opportunity Charge Applications). Set charger for weekly equalization charges.

  8. Only Add Water to Batteries – Never Add Acid or Other Solutions: Only water after the battery is 100% charged. Do not add water until actual visual inspection shows the tops of separators/plates are visible. Upon establishing a repetitive routine, water the battery at that interval. If water source contains heavy metals, distilled water may be required.

  9. Ensure All Vent Caps are in Place and Tight: Keep them clean and dry to ensure a good seal.

  10. Only Authorized Representatives Should Service the Batteries & Chargers: Batteries & Chargers should only be serviced by an authorized service representative. 

In honor of Forklift Safety Day 2020, Alpine Power Systems is giving away FREE Forklift Battery Room Safety Posters. If you would like a complimentary poster for your battery room than email us at for more information. See below for a copy of the poster.

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