Alcad XHP Batteries

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Alcad XHP Low maintenance, High performance Ni-Cd batteries offer high performance, fast recharging, cost savings, and long life. Alcad XPH batteries are used in vital engine starting and emergency back-up applications.

Alcad XHP range batteries are designed for applications such as vital UPS, engine starting and emergency back-up duties requiring guaranteed power in an instant. 

The sintered positive plates, compact plastic bonded negative plates and thin separators make the Alcad XHP a highly efficient battery; smaller, lighter and often less costly in high rate applications than lead acid systems.

Alcad XHP Battery Benefits:

  • Extremely long life

  • Reliability in all conditions

  • Fast recharge

  • Narrow voltage window

  • Low installation and maintenance costs

  • Resistance to abuse

Additional Details


  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)


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  • Alcad XHP Brochure
  • Alcad XHP All Docs
  • Alcad XHP Battery Information Sheet
  • Alcad XHP Safety Data Sheet
  • Alcad XHP Technical Manual