Vertiv XTE 601P Outdoor Enclosures

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The Vertiv XTE 601P Series of enclosures is designed to house DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single cabinet. Delivering industry-leading NetSure DC power reliability and multi-string high capacity battery backup, the Vertiv™ XTE 601P fully supports networking equipment at wireless cell sites.

The Vertiv XTE 601P is designed to house DC power equipment, electronics and VRLA batteries in a single cabinet. Two temperature controlled compartments  are monitored with an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) that adjusts thermal settings to maintain ideal conditions within each chamber, while simultaneously decreasing system power consumption and noise. All DC power-feed cables to customer equipment are surge protected at the distribution bus. Cabinets are available in both 60" and 72" heights.

Vertiv XTE 601P Outdoor Enclosure Benefits:

  • Increase network reliability and simplify expansion with this scalable platform of enclosures 
  • Reduce onsite maintenance and extend the life of your equipment 
  • Minimize energy consumption and noise levels
  • Protect critical electronics and equipment from adverse environmental conditions
  • Maintain a cool operating environment with versatile thermal solutions
  • Quick site turn up with fully integrated, high capacity enclosure that integrates into your cell site with ease

Vertiv XTE 601P Outdoor Enclosure Features:

  • Separate temperature controlled zones for power and batteries
  • Door-mounted cooling system & rear cable-entry compartment
  • Pull out battery drawers
  • Telcordia GR-487 certified, Seismic Zone-4 rated and UL Listed
Vertiv XTE 601P Outdoor Enclosure Applications:

The Vertiv XTE 601P is a full featured outdoor equipment cabinet designed for use at wireless cell sites. The enclosure can be configured with several different NetSure DC power systems, depending on your power needs, and includes a separate compartment for large-capacity VRLA batteries.

Additional Details


  • CATV Headend
  • Central Office
  • Customer Premises
  • DAS
  • MTSO
  • Remote Terminal
  • Small Cell
  • Wireless Base Station


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