Emerson NetSpan FBD Series Fiber Distribution Kit

The NetSpan™ FBD Series Fiber Distribution Kit easily mounts inside any standard UPCBD4 or UPCBD5 pedestal, converting it into a fiber distribution pedestal. The two-sided closed architecture configuration provides optimum environmental protection for fiber equipment against debris, insect and rodents. In addition, there is ample space for fiber slack storage and spliced drops in the two enclosed compartments.

Knockouts on the rear of the UPCBD pedestal are used to mount the kit. This minimizes the need to stock multiple pedestals, since the same pedestal style can be used for fiber or copper applications.

Key Features:

  •  Two-sided, closed architecture design
  •  Conveniently stores fiber slack and spliced drops in separate compartments
  •  Holds up to 5 splice trays per side
  •  Accommodates 15 feet of slack cable (144-fiber loose tube)
  •  Central Strength Member (CSM) clamps provide strain relief for fiber cable
  •  Includes a radius limiting spool to protect fiber from bending damage
  •  Easily installs within any UPCBD4 or UPCBD5 pedestal

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