Emerson NetReach DSLAM XC Compact Series

The NetReach™ DSLAM XC Compact Series enclosure is designed to accommodate one environmentally hardened DSLAM module and provides 200 pairs of RLS50 IDC terminal blocks.

Initially NetReach™ DSLAM XC Compact enclosures may be deployed to pass through voice phone service (POTS) to customers. Then, as customers subscribe to enhanced services, the service provider can change the arrangement of the cross connect jumpers to route the output of the DSLAM to those customers desiring enhanced services.

Key Features:

  •  Combines cross connect and DSLAM functions in a direct buried or pad mount enclosure
  •  Accepts one environmentally hardened DSLAM module for line or AC power feed configurations
  •  Includes 200 pairs of moisture resistant RLS50 IDC CAT5 terminal blocks
  •  Flexibility to assign terminal block pairs to either POTS or DSL service
  •  Includes two 42-inch mounting stakes
  •  Ideal for rural applications

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