Emerson CCP1016 Combination Connection Pedestal

The CCP1016 Combined Connection Pedestal is an above-ground metallic enclosure for housing a combination of distribution equipment including coaxial, twisted pair copper, and/or fiber distribution. Designed with two separate compartments, the CCP1016 allows neat and efficient use of multiple distribution facilities, yet offers craft separation between the two. The CCP1016 is equipped with two 32-in. mounting stakes and factory installed universal mounting plates. By combining multiple facilities into one pedestal enclosure, the CCP1016 takes the place of two enclosures for a more economical and aesthetically pleasing installation. CCP1016 enclosures are manufactured of heavy gauge mill-galvanized steel, treated with a unique finishing process for longer life.

Key Features:

  •  Multiple facilities housed in one pedestal serve the function of two pedestals and offer an aesthetically pleasing installation site
  •  Two independent equipment compartments provide craft separation between the two facilities
  •  Large capacity of internal compartments offers greater access to the equipment
  •  Universal mounting plate simplifies mounting for coax and copper distribution equipment
  •  Lift-off front cover offers complete 180° access to each compartment for easy installation and maintenance

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