Emerson CAD12

The CAD12 (Controlled Access Design) enclosure is a round-cornered square-design telephone distribution, splice, or cross-connect pedestal. The CAD12 has 360° access for easy installation of larger pair counts. The CAD12 provides a fixed-count terminal point for terminating aerial and buried plant. Included in the CAD12 is a universal mounting plate with attached service wire bonding bracket, grounding connector, flexible bonding braid, dielectric shield, and mounting stakes.

Key Features:

  •  Lift-off front covers provide 180° access to facilitate the enclosure installation
  •  Removable lower front cover and service wire channel allow additional cable and wire placement without disturbing existing plant
  •  Swing-out locking divider plate provides positive grounding of all components
  •  Large capacity permits greater access to cable conductors
  •  May be self-supporting, stake, joint, pole or wall-mounted for flexible installation capabilities