Vertiv 25 & 50-Pair Protected Terminal Blocks & Enclosures

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The 25 and 50-pair series of protected terminal blocks provide a system for terminating incoming cables and station pairs at the subscriber premises. These blocks are available in stub-less R66 quick-clip type terminals with 3-element gas tube protection. To complete this system, a weather-tight aluminum enclosure is offered. The enclosure is accessed using a 216-type tool.

The quick-clip type termination fields are available in four clip multiples, and blocks can have one or two terminal fields. Single-field blocks are wired directly to the protectors, a lower cost alternative if cross-connect capability is not needed. Double-field blocks have a protected field and a cross-connect field. The protected field is used to terminate the OSP cable while the cross-connect field terminates subscriber wires; it is not connected to the protectors. In comparison, for typical applications jumper wires are used to connect the protected field to the cross-connect field.

Key Features:

  •  Terminal clips and studs are bright-acid tin-plated to provide corrosion resistant connections
  •  High-impact shell; polyurethane potting offers durability and long service life
  •  R66 quick-clip type terminal with gas tube protection. Available with or without metal housing
  •  UL Listed when installed in UL Listed enclosure to assure quality performance


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  • Vertiv Emerson 25 and 50 Pair Protected Terminal Blocks and Enclosures