EnerSys Redion Lithium Ion PNU200

Compared to traditional industrial batteries, EnerSys Redion Lithium Ion PNU200 Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries offer greater performance and exceptional power density. With the introduction of REDIONTM batteries, Li-ion power now offers space-and cost-saving advantages too.

The breakthrough redundant array technology of Modular Energy DevicesTM makes it possible. Featuring electronically controlled architecture and high power density, REDION batteries are helping the telecom industry reduce cabinet sizes and extend battery system life in challenging environments.

The electronically controlled architecture inside REDION modules links multiple commercial Li-ion cells together, which protects individual cells from abuse and prevents single-cell failures from seriously affecting overall performance. Plus, a patented electronic monitoring platform combined with an innovative cell design provides a triple redundant safety platform at the cell, card and system level.

The result? With a power density up to 3X greater than traditional lead acid batteries, REDION offers a cost-effective, drop-in solution for space-restricted cable and telecom standby applications.


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