Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance

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Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a critical system component of an emergency power supply system (EPSS). A large percentage of automatic transfer switch failures are attributed to lack of preventive maintenance. Alpine Power Systems strongly encourages on-going maintenance for all power transfer switches and power control systems.

Alpine's Certified Technician's are available to provide Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance & Testing Services nationwide. A customized preventative maintenance program from Alpine can resolve potential issues stemming from corrosion, overheating, and more. Alpine also has the ability to install, repair, and upgrade your ATS. Alpine offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance inspections.

ATS Preventative Maintenance & Testing Offerings:

A Certified Alpine Representative can perform the following ATS preventative maintenance and testing measures:

  1. Infrared scanning & thermal imaging.
  2. De-energize the switchgear (Unless the ATS has isolation bypass feature).
  3. Remove the arc chutes and pole covers to allow for visual assessment of the main and arcing contacts.
  4. An Alpine Representative will test and recalibrate all AC sensing and time-delay functions in the switchgear.
  5. Vacuum the accumulated dust from the switchgear and accessory panels.
  6. Assess the ATS for moisture or signs of previous wetness or dripping.
  7. Clean grime with an approved non-conductive solvent.
  8. Inspect all main arcing contacts for excessive erosion and / or pitting.
  9. Inspect all control relay contacts for excessive erosion and discoloration due to excessive heat.
  10. Manually operate the main transfer movement to check proper contact alignment, deflection, and wiping action.
  11. Check all cable and control wire connections to the transfer switch controller, sensing panels and other system components. Tighten if necessary.
  12. Re-energize the switchgear and conduct a test by simulating a normal source failure.

ATS Compliance

The National Fire Protection Agency requires transfer switches to be maintenanced and tested to meet the following codes below. Also, OSHA states that all personnel who work on or around any energized equipment must be safety trained. 

NFPA 110, 8.3.4* Transfer switches shall be subjected to a maintenance and testing program that includes all the following operations:

  1. Checking of connections
  2. Inspection or testing for evidence of overheating and excessive contact erosion
  3. Removal of dust and dirt
  4. Replacement of contacts when required.

NFPA 110, 8.3.5* Paralleling gear shall be subject to inspection, testing, and maintenance program that includes all the following operations:

  1. Checking connections
  2. Inspecting or testing for evidence of overheating and excessive contact erosion
  3. Removing dust and dirt
  4. Replacing contacts when required
  5. Verifying that the system controls will operate as intended