Battery Preventative Maintenance

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Battery Preventative Maintenance

Alpine Power Systems specializes in both Flooded Battery (VLA, vented, wet) and Sealed (VRLA & Gel) Battery Maintenance. Alpine ensures your batteries will not fail when needed by performing all maintenance procedures according to IEEE, NERC, and Manufacturer's Standards. Alpine’s Battery PM Programs maximize the battery’s life expectancy and efficiency. Each battery maintenance service is engineered and scheduled for the customers and their needs.

All procedures and inspections can be performed monthly, quarterly, and annually by Alpine Power Systems. We incorporate all the recommendations per IEEE and in every case, surpass these recommendations to offer the most complete and efficient Battery Planned Maintenance Program available.  All scheduled visits are coordinated with the customer to allow maximum convenience.

Alpine will custom design a program to optimize your Backup Battery System performance while also preventing avoidable failures, ensuring safety and enhancing the overall efficiency of your system during a power outage.

  • IEEE and NERC Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Prompt Comprehensive Reporting of All Findings
  • Alpine Live - Web Accessible Data Management System
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual Battery Programs
  • Managed Maintenance Curriculums from Cradle-to-Grave
  • Environmental and OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Support

Alpine’s Battery Preventative Maintenance Programs can include the following:

Flooded Battery Maintenance (VLA, vented, wet)
Maintenance Checks Monthly Quarterly Annual

Visual inspection of cell/unit integrity for evidence of corrosion at terminals, connections, racks, & cabinets

Check condition of ventilation and monitoring equipment

Measure and record either battery float charge or pilot cell specific gravity

Check cells for cracks and evidence of electrolyte leakage

Pilot-cells, if used, measure and record voltage and electrolyte temperature

Measure and record ambient temperature 

Check electrolyte levels

Measure and record charge output current and voltage

Measure and record overall float voltage measured at the battery terminals

If installed, check battery monitoring system for proper operation

Measure and record voltage of each cell   

If battery float charging current is not used to monitor state if charge, measure and record specific gravity of 10% of the battery cells

Measure and record specific gravity and temperature of each cell    
Measure and record cell to cell terminal connection resistance    
Check structural integrity of the battery rack an/or cabinet    

Battery maintenance programs by Alpine Power Systems provide essential diagnostics that help extend VRLA battery and flooded wet cell battery life and help you avoid expensive downtime. Batteries are the lifeblood of your UPS and telecommunication systems and the power source for your standby generators and may provide backup power for your switchgear. Many of the conditions that cause battery failure are controllable with the proper stationary battery maintenance program. Common conditions of battery failure include excessive cycling, improper charging, lack of temperature control, installation and manufacturing problems. The vital task to guaranteeing the consistent operation of your battery backup is a complete predictive maintenance and testing program offered by Alpine Power Systems. Generally, sealed VRLA battery systems require annual maintenance according to IEEE-118. Flooded / Wet Cell battery systems are likely to be on a quarterly maintenance plan per IEEE-485. Alpine’s Stationary Battery Preventative Maintenance Program protects and increases the lifespan of your standby power battery systems. Heat, humidity, battery age and chemistry all affect the efficiency of your power system. Alpine offers complete Backup Power Battery Systems Preventative Maintenance Programs for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems, chargers and Battery Systems that were created to give you peace of mind and detect even the slightest problems that could lead to devastating power loss. Alpine’s experienced and certified technicians use the best calibrated test equipment on the market. Alpine’s battery maintenance programs will extend battery life by preventing loose connections, removing corrosion, and identifying deteriorating batteries before they cause a problem. Alpine Power Systems performs a variety of different Battery Services including Battery Replacements, Battery Installations, Battery Capacity Tests, Battery Acceptance Tests and more.

Alpine performs battery maintenance services for all battery manufacturers and models including:

The costs of lost data or damaged critical load equipment can be astounding, especially when compared to the cost of preventive maintenance. The main objective of battery maintenance is to ensure that the battery system is able to meet the emergency run time requirements for the critical system that it is connected to. Preventative maintenance must be comprehensive, consistent and happen regularly; including visual inspections, voltage, resistance, (impedance) current and temperature measurements as well as capacity testing (when appropriate) to identify any performance related problems.

Alpine offers a variety of Battery Maintenance Programs that can be tailored to your specific battery type(s) and specific needs. Appropriate load banking testing can provide predictive failure analysis of the batteries.

Benefits of Alpine’s Preventative Maintenance Programs include:

  • Clean tops of batteries, racking, cabinet, etc.
  • Measure and record float voltage readings
  • Measure and record internal readings
  • Re-torque all connections
  • Measure and record connection resistance
  • Measure room temperature
  • Measure cell / battery temperatures
  • Measure and record cell specific gravities (If applicable)
  • Add water as required (Flooded cells)
  • Measuring of cell voltage levels and capacity testing
  • Checking batteries for loose connection
  • Testing of cell/unit internal ohmic value
  • Visual inspections to look for leakage, swelling, or corrosion
  • Visual inspection of the battery environment for potential problems
  • A detailed report with the results of the inspection
  • Recommendations needed to ensure proper battery function
  • Clean tops of batteries, racking, cabinet, etc.
  • Measure and record system settings including chargers, rectifiers and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS system)
    • EnerSys
    • Exide GNB
    • C&D Technologies
    • East Penn Deka
    • NorthStar
    • FIAMM
    • CSB Battery
    • Vision Battery
    • Leoch
    • Saft
    • Power Battery
    • Alcad
    • BAE Batteries
    • GS Battery
    • Reduced disruption of services by identifying and replacing failing batteries
    • Reduced volume of emergency service calls
    • Reduced risk of catastrophic system failure