Schedule 56 | Contract #: GS-07F-0540U | NAICS: 335999, 335911 | CAGE Code: 1YH24

FSG 61 - Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries

Batteries and Battery Chargers, Including Rental - Including, but not limited to, electric vehicle charging stations) portable battery chargers, rechargeable batteries (carbon zinc, alkaline manganese dioxide, mercuric oxide), non-rechargeable batteries, dry cell batteries, stationary batteries, storage batteries, motive batteries, vehicle batteries; automotive and industrial truck battery chargers, stationary battery chargers; including rental, parts and accessories. Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts. - Energy efficient/Energy Star rated products available.

Battery and Alternator Monitoring Systems; Battery Spill Containment Systems; Parts and Accessories - (FSC 6135 & 6140)

FSG 56 - Building Materials

Energy Savings/Energy Efficient Industrial and Commercial Heating/Air Conditioning Units, Air Purification Equipment, HVAC Systems, Boiler Systems, Space Heaters, Air Curtains, Fans, and Blowers - Including portable, window, wall, or ceiling mounted air conditioners, ceiling fans, air curtains, commercial air cleaning units/systems, humidifiers, includes rental, options and accessories such as air filters, thermostats, HVAC control panels, and replacement parts.