BHS Battery Wastewater Recycling System (WRS)

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The BHS Battery Wastewater Recycling System (WRS) is an automated, single structure recycling system that provides on-site wastewater management. The WRS treats, filters, and processes industrial wastewater to remove hazardous contaminants and particulates, ensuring that the recycled water is clean.


As the WRS receives dirty wastewater, an automatic pH adjustment control activates to raise the water to a pH level of 8. The wastewater is then treated with a reactive separating agent to encapsulate the contaminants and form large flocculent. Using gravity flow, the WRS separates the treated water from the flocculent by passing the water through an automatic deep bed filter.

The captured sludge is conveyed to a sludge catch bin, where it dries and hardens into a non-hazardous, non-leachable sludge. The sludge is certified landfill-friendly for standard trash disposal.

The clean water can be drained or held in a storage tank for reuse. This process can be performed in batches or in a closed loop system, continuously supplying clean water to a Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC).

The Wastewater Recycling System is ideal for a wide variety of industries. Here’s a partial list of applications for the WRS.


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