BHS Battery Washing Cabinet

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The BHS Battery Washing Cabinet cleans harmful contaminants and residue from the surfaces of forklift batteries. This simple but essential process extends battery life and reduces electrical problems in forklifts.

Lift truck batteries accumulate electrolyte on their surfaces through a variety of ways. During charging, acidic vapor drifts onto the batteries. Boil-overs leave behind residue, and battery cases may have small leaks, which cause build-up over time. The BWC-1 automatically cleans away all surface contaminants, no matter where they came from.

The BHS Battery Wash Cabinet is perfect for battery washing service providers or operations that want to quickly wash their batteries on-site. The BWC-1 has adjustable wash times for efficient cleaning and stainless steel construction for improved durability. The cabinet can accommodate a range of battery sizes and is quick and easy to operate.


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