GNB Cloud Motive Power Management Software

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GNB Cloud makes it easy to design and deploy web-connected battery and charger solutions. GNB Cloud to allows you to manage all your motive power assets – including batteries, chargers and gateways – in the cloud. Companies can now easily “see” and manage all of their motive power assets online, whether they have 10 or 10,000 assets across one or 1,000 sites. The new managed services are part of GNB Cloud, a suite of IoT-enabled decision-support software for companies looking to design and deploy the latest battery and charger technologies and maximize their performance. Alpine Power Systems is a proud partner of GNB Industrial Power. Contact us today to learn more about GNB's Motive Power Performance Management Software!

Choosing & Managing Your Battery & Charger Solution:

Advances in motive power technology have made electric fleets the choice for internal logistics. But how do you choose from all of the new battery and charger solutions? What KPIs should you track to get the most out of them? And how can you best manage these systems across multiple sites? GNB Cloud is software designed by motive power professionals that makes all of this easy.

GNB Cloud allows dealers and end-users to monitor and manage their batteries and chargers right from their computers. In the age of IoT, people expect this visibility, but GNB Cloud goes further, giving you control over these assets to make sure they stay connected and configured correctly.

It all starts with choosing the right motive power system. GNB Cloud leverages real fleet data so our clients can compare various motive power options, simulating performance before deployment. Knowing the operational and financial outcomes prior to purchase maximizes value and ensures customer satisfaction.

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GNB Cloud Features & Benefits:

4 Linked Modules:

GNB Cloud consists of four software modules with data shared across them. Together they form a powerful platform for dealers and end users to design and manage advanced motive power solutions.

  • Measure – Power study automation that allows users to baseline vehicle energy requirements and produce reports such as vehicle energy usage, battery utilization and system health. Cellular power loggers automatically generate intuitive reports right on your web browser. Send this data to Model to design solutions or use it to improve fleet operations.


  • Model – Design battery and charger systems and run “what if” scenarios for growth, battery age,  etc. to simulate impact on operational and financial performance. Lead or lithium batteries? Conventional, opportunity or fast charging? Find the best fit for cost and performance in your fleet.


  • Manage – Asset lifecycle management for batteries, chargers, gateways and power loggers. Know where your assets are, how they are configured and when they last reported up to the cloud; data critical for scaling energy service businesses.


  • Monitor – Ensure fleet uptime with actionable data. Track improvement with KPI history.  Optimize the long-term performance of your motive power fleet.


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Cloud-Based Technology:

Multi-enterprise SaaS to enable GNB, it’s dealers and end users to leverage IoT technology to better design and manage motive power systems across the sales and asset deployment process.

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