Forklift Batteries

Alpine Power Systems is a master value-added distributer of the most efficient and reliable Motive Power batteries in the industry.  Alpine offers motive power forklift batteries in 12V, 24V 36B, 48V, 60V, 80V, 96V, and other custom voltage applications. Our motive power battery solutions are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, new or used, with the highest quality and most reliable performance in the industry. Each industrial battery line is designed for the unique demands of each material handling application.

Our comprehensive product line of motive power battery offerings delivers uninterrupted performance for lift truck operators, and big cost savings for your business. Alpine Power Systems is an authorized platinum distributor of Exide GNB forklift battery and charger offerings. Exide GNB is a leading developer and manufacturer of battery and charging systems for motive power applications in industrial and commercial markets including material handling, robotics, railroad, and construction. Alpine can supply and perform service on Exide GNB’s line of Total Energy Solutions include high-power-density batteries, multistage energy-saving 'smart' chargers, integrated one-point watering systems, and electronic battery health monitoring systems. Alpine provides industry-leading rapid-response sales, service, and recycling capabilities for material handling power solutions. Alpine can provide our customers with a variety of forklift battery technologies including AGM VRLA batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat Valve Regulated Lead Acid), Gel VRLA batteries, Flooded Tubular batteries, Flooded Flat Plate batteries, Lithium Ion batteries, and Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries. AGM VRLA Forklift batteries are great for the electric lift truck industry because they virtually eliminate the mess and hazards associated with typical battery maintenance. Alpine’s lines of flooded flat and tubular plate lift truck technologies require water periodically. Our Gel VRLA material handling batteries are available in convenient bloc sizes. The Gel VRLA motive power batteries are great for small light duty applications like scrubbers, sweepers, personnel carriers, maintenance lifts and aerial lifts. Alpine Power Systems will work to keep your motive power fleets moving through battery restoration, high frequency charging systems, room design, training, and inspections. Alpine strives to reduce your carbon footprint with the most modern, environmentally friendly motive power solutions in the market. From a single battery and charging station to complete heavy-duty fleet power systems, you can depend on Alpine Power Systems to provide industry leading products and services that will perform even under the most demanding application requirements. Count on us for your new or replacement batteries, replacement cells, chargers, charging systems, battery maintenance or technical advice. Warehouses and distribution centers need reliable power to keep workers productive and operations running at peak performance. Whether you’re running one lift truck or a whole fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, we have the right battery and charger solution for your operation. We provide full battery installation, maintenance, and repairs on all new and existing Motive Power Battery systems. When your batteries are spent, Alpine can replace and recycle your old batteries in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations.