BHS Battery Bridge Trolley (BT)

The BHS Battery Bridge Trolley (BT) allows for single-user changing operations in lighter battery handling applications. Coupled with our standard guide track, the BT is easily pushed by hand for smooth and efficient battery change-outs.

The Bridge Trolley consists of two independent battery compartments, each controlled by a hand pump mounted to the frame. This allows the BT to store both a used and a fresh battery within a single trip. Both compartments are lined with spark-proof rollers and enclosed by Battery Containment Bars.

Large 6-inch phenolic wheels make travel from truck to stand easy, and floor locks secure the unit in place during change-outs. Every component on the BT, from the steel frame to the roller beds, was designed to withstand the weight and acidic residue of industrial batteries.

Bridge Trolleys offer decades of service and don’t require frequent maintenance. Affix this battery extractor to a guide track for smooth, efficient change-outs at every shift.

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