Euro Connectors

Alpine Power Systems offers Euro Connectors designed for both American and metric cables. With a durable structure and the capability for multiple auxiliary contacts, Alpine’s Euro Connectors provide maximum conductivity and safety. Euro style connector, Euroblock, or European-style terminal block, is a low-voltage pluggable terminal block and connector combination that is often used for microphone audio signals and line level audio signals.

Euro Connectors are also used for control signals like RS-485 or RS-232. Euro style connectors are solderless connectors which use screw terminals in order to clamp connecting wires and, once installed, the whole assembly is plugged into a matching socket in the electronic device. There are several different kinds of Euro style connectors, all of which maximize power safety when it comes to your motive power maintenance. At Alpine Power Systems we stock many of the most common types categorized by Type, Wire Gauge, Style, Number of Poles, Termination and Packaging Type.