Philadelphia Scientific Stealth System

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The Stealth Watering System makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable. It incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install.

The Stealth Float System comes in three kit sizes suitable for 12 cell (24 volt), 18 cell (36 volt) or 24 cell (48 volt) batteries.


Features & Benefits

  • One size fits all: Multiple float valve sizes are not needed, and all cells are filled to the appropriate level.

  • Instant tubing installation: Unique push-fit tubing ports make tubing installation fast, easy and secure. Secure tubing by simply pushing tubing into ports. Tubing is released by pushing on the white collar piece.

  • No barbed fittings to break: Push-fit tubing connections eliminate the problems associated with barbs breaking off.

  • Lowest profile: At only 0.6 inches/15mm high, it is the lowest profile float valve watering system on the market.

  • Wide range of operating pressure: it operates with a pressure range of 3 to 45 psi / 0.2 – 3.0 BAR

  • Snap-fit base: just snap the float valve into the vent well - no separate adapter is required. The valve can rotate for easy tube alignment.

  • Abuse-resistant tubing: The system’s tubing resists kinks or crushing. With a small bend radius, it fits even the smallest cells easily, including 5 and 7 plate batteries.

  • Integrated float guard: This protective design eliminates the risk of moss-shield interference with the float.

  • Highly visible fill level indicator: The indicator is visible from the top and side.