BHS Water Gun

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The BHS Water Gun makes watering forklift batteries more ergonomic and efficient. Its automatic shutoff feature allows it to fill batteries with precision, ensuring the correct amount of electrolyte to maximize performance and longevity.

Avoid the damaging effects from over-filling and under-watering forklift batteries by using a tool that helps accurately fill battery cells. The forklift battery Water Gun (WG-X) is compact and lightweight, and it speeds up battery watering tasks considerably. The WG-X features an automatic shutoff for added convenience and improved filling accuracy.

Attain optimal electrolyte levels without the ergonomic risks associated with bending over batteries while hand-watering. The BHS Water Gun attaches to any of our Water Carts or Tanks, the Water Deionizing System, or to a standard hose. The Water Gun fills cells at a quick but manageable pace, allowing staff to water batteries more efficiently.

  • Ergonomically designed with an easy to squeeze handle and 45 degree nozzle
  • Fast 1.7 gal/min (6.4 L/min) fill speed, delivering a precise flow rate
  • Flow indicator shows when filling has stopped
  • Non-electric, automatic shutoff mechanism
  • Post shutoff drip eliminated
  • Level control collar is pre-positioned to suit most forklift batteries, but can be adjusted with an allen wrench
  • Flow diffuser converts the rapid flow to a gentle spray
  • Spinner shows when flow has stopped
  • Built from durable engineered ABS plastic