Battery Watering Technologies Manual Watering Gun

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The Battery Watering Technologies Manual Watering Gun attaches to any standard hose, water deionizer and most watering carts to make battery watering fast, safe and easy.  

  • Nozzle diameter is 0.67" (1.7 cm/17mm). It fits into our flip-top vent caps as well as all standard push-in, bayonet and DIN openings.
  • Reliable automatic shutoff fills to the correct level. Shutoff is powered by the water. No solenoids, electronics or wiring is necessary. The unique design eliminates post shut-off drip.
  • Rugged industrial design is made of ABS plastic and has a comfortable, easy to squeeze handle.
  • 45° nozzle is angled to make the gun comfortable to use. Awkward bending over the batteries to add water is now a thing of the past.
  • Lock-in-place level control keeps fill depth from changing.
  • Instant ROI - Compared to hand watering, the gun reduces labor costs.

      Flow Rate / Water Pressure

  • Fills batteries quickly at approximately 1.7 GPM (6.4 l/m).
  • Flow diffuser slows the rapid water flow to a gentle spray.
  • Minimum incoming water pressure is 15 PSI.