Battery Watering Technologies i-Lite Sensor

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One of the most difficult challenges is determining when to water your battery. The i-Lite sensor makes this effortless. 

Battery Watering Technologies offers different electrolyte level indicators depending on the application.  The standard sensor is placed in a noticeable location on the battery. The remote sensor has a longer lead wire, so the light can be placed further away from the battery in a more eye-catching location.  This is beneficial when the batteries are concealed, for example, under the seat of an industrial fork truck or golf cart.

  • The green light indicates that the batteries have sufficient water.
  • The red light indicates that the batteries need to be watered.
  • A blinking red light means the battery has had low electrolyte level for ten days or longer.
  • The light also has a re-set mode that allows the user to determine exactly how many days/months the battery has had low electrolyte level.
  • The sensor probe is installed in the center-most battery to give an indication when the batteries needs to be watered.​