BHS Water Deionizing System

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The BHS Water Deionizing System (WDS-1) purifies water straight from the tap to remove minerals and pollutants that can damage forklift battery cells. The WDS-1 is more that just a filter. The cartridge contains cationic and anionic resins, and as water flows through, it removes dissolved impurities electrostatically.

The WDS-1 produces entirely pure water that will maximize forklift battery performance. A purity light monitors the system’s status, and cartridges are easy to replace. A Water Gun (not included) can be connected to the output hose to water batteries directly, or the hose can be used to fill a water cart.

Tap water is full of impurities that can damage battery performance and decrease run-times. These negative effects may not be discernible at first, but in time, minerals and particles from unpurified water will form a damaging buildup on forklift battery cells. The Water Deionizing System from BHS prevents this outcome.

  • Prevents poor battery performance from impurities in hard water
  • Complete solution to begin purifying water from the tap, including mounting plate and hose hanger
  • Operates at full-line pressure to dispense pure water directly from the deionizer
  • A single cartridge can produce an average of 600 gal (2271 L) of purified water (amount varies with quality of incoming water)
  • Quick cartridge replacement requires no tools and offers convenient disposal of non-toxic contents
  • Cartridge takes full-line pressure up to 80 psi and can be used directly with Water Gun (WG-X)
  • Battery operated purity light indicates when cartridge needs to be replaced, eliminating need for AC power
  • Eliminates costly use of bottled water; purity level is comparable to distilled water