Battery Charging Stands

Alpine Power Systems can provide a wide variety of battery charging stands for industrial batteries. Battery charger stands save valuable space while protecting motive power battery and charger fleet investments. Custom designs and a wide range of optional features provide dependable storage for forklift batteries and motive battery chargers of every style. We stock battery charger stands from all of the leading manufacturers including Sackett Systems and BHS (Battery Handling Systems).

Alpine Power Systems offer rack stands, shelf stands, and floor stands for material handling battery chargers. These forklift battery charger stands provide a safe and convenient location for your battery chargers while providing sufficient access for maintenance personnel. Our charger stands are built to withstand harsh environments and keep forklift battery chargers elevated and out of forklift travel paths. Our motive power battery charger stands have pre-cut anchoring slots make it easy to secure chargers in all four corners. Smooth, rounded corners on the shelf help extend product longevity. All aspects of our charger stands are designed to improve battery room efficiency and productivity. To suit all types of chargers and requirements, Alpine offers a variety of other charger mounting stands and brackets, as well as cable management accessories designed for use with charger stands to properly route charger cables. All stands have mounting holes on both sides for Cable Retractors. Our charger stand offerings are constructed from heavy-duty steel for extra durability. All models can hold up to 400 pounds, and optional 6-inch shelf extensions are available for maximizing the space between stands. These stands are designed to integrate seamlessly into a battery room and facilitate an uncluttered and efficient space. Custom-built models with unique specifications are available upon request. Custom designs and a wide range of optional features provide dependable storage for forklift, golf cart or aerial lift batteries and chargers of every style. Alpine’s product specialists can help you design the ideal battery room, with stands for complete Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems, Carriage Systems, and vertical extraction lift truck fleets.