Forklift Battery Chargers

To meet the ever-increasing demands of modern motive power batteries, Alpine Power Systems offers the best matched motive power charging technology. The technology used in the latest industrial charger components ensures maximum efficiency in the charging operation, protecting the battery life as well as optimizing battery performance for the longevity of your motive power fleet solution.

Alpine Power Systems is a master value-added distributor of Exide GNB, AeroVironment, Motor Appliance Corporation & Ferro Magnetics Forklift Battery Chargers. Alpine also provides other motive power products including material handling batteries, industrial charger connectors, cables, motive battery watering, battery handling equipment, battery charging stands, battery wash systems, battery monitoring, and industrial charger controls and parts. The motive power battery chargers are designed to utilize industry leading high frequency, fast charging, SCR, and Ferroresonant technologies to provide maximum performance and energy savings for your el Ferroresonant (ferro) or 50 Hz charger technology uses a large “ferroresonant” transformer to regulate the charger output. The basic ferroresonant charger lacks electronic controls, which makes these chargers more durable and dependable in various applications. The ferroresonant charger’s power factor and conversion efficiency is moderate. High Frequency (HF) chargers utilize a class of converters that incorporates fully controllable switching power devices such as MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) which allow AC to DC rectification at frequencies much higher than line frequencies. Unlike SCRs, which are “half controlled” devices with uncontrollable turn-off, MOSFET and IGBT can be fully turned on and off at any instant in time allowing for precise control of the charger output and implementation of sophisticated charge profiles. Typically, fans are required to keep the components inside the charger within operating temperature parameters. High Frequency chargers are among the most efficient in conversion efficiency (typically above 92%). These features may allow for lower electrical infrastructure costs because of the relatively lower amp draws required by switch mode chargers. Also, depending on the design, the size of the charger is significantly smaller and lighter than either the Ferroresonant or SCR chargers.