Vertiv Chloride

Vertiv (previously Emerson Network Power) Chloride is a premium provider of premium industrial power products including industrial UPS Systems, Industrial Chargers, Industrial DC Power Systems & more. Alpine Power Systems is a platinum distributor and installer of Vertiv Chloride Products. We know not all UPS systems will sit in a pristine climate-controlled setting. That’s why industrial Chloride systems are all built to deliver reliability in the harshest operating conditions. You can trust our ability to design and service power protection solutions that can withstand any perturbations, even in the most challenging applications.

Chloride Group, a business of Vertiv, is the UK's largest supplier of secure power systems to hospitals and other public buildings and facilities. The company has been owned by Emerson Electric since September 2010. Chloride Group was founded in 1891 as The Chloride Electrical Syndicate Limited to manufacture batteries. Brand names used included Ajax, Exide, Dagenite, Kathanode, Shednought and Tudor. In September 2010 Chloride Group was fully acquired by Emerson Electric (joining the Emerson Network Power platform) of the United States for US$1.5 billion.

Vertiv Diamond Solution Provider

  • Chloride CP-60Z AC UPS System, 5 to 60 kVA​

    The Chloride CP-60Z industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is the result of latest industrial requirements combined with R&D innovations to offer an Industrial UPS with improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

  • Emerson - Chloride Excor Apodys, 2.5-120 kVA AC UPS

    Available in single or three phase output configurations, the Chloride Excor Apodys-AC UPS provides the ideal secure power solution for single-phase AC loads in industrial environments. The Chloride Excor Apodys is designed for harsh operating conditions including oil and gas, petrochemical, electricity production and transmission.

  • Emerson - Chloride Excor Apodys, 5-500 kVA UPS

    Excor Apodys UPS systems provide the ideal power protection for three-phase AC loads in industrial environments. Available from 5-120 kVA as standard, the Chloride Excor Apodys can be custom-designed to give protection up to 500 kVA and also has a single-phase output version.

  • Emerson - Chloride Ferroresonant UPS

    Chloride Ferroresonant technology UPS systems are available for a wide variety of Industrial Applications.

  • Emerson - Chloride PWM UPS

    Chloride offers a variety of Industrial UPS products with PWM technology for Industrial Power Applications.

  • Emerson Chloride CP-40z, 2-10 kVA

    The Emerson Chloride CP-40Z is designed to meet the harshest electrical and mechanical conditions in industrial environments.

  • Emerson Chloride CP-70Z AC UPS System, 2.5 to 500 kVA

    The Emerson Chloride CP-70Z industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS) is the flagship product of Chloride Industrial Power. It combines conservative design topology with proven digital control technology to offer the best performances in any electrical and environmental condition.

  • Emerson Chloride CP-90Z AC UPS 15kVA

    The Chloride XP systems are tailor-made solutions designed to operate in the hazardous atmosphere.


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