Motor Appliance Corporation

Motor Appliance Corp. is a leader in industrial battery chargers. Motor Appliance Corp. products are proudly supplied through Alpine Power Systems. MAC specializes in battery chargers for electric forklifts and other material handling applications. Motor Appliance Corporation (MAC) designs, manufactures and markets advanced technology battery chargers, AC motors, brushless DC motors and generators. MAC maintains corporate offices just outside St Louis, MO and has manufacturing plants in Washington, MO, Blytheville, AR and satellite manufacturing facilities in Mexico and China.

  • MAC Magnum II

    The MAC Magnum II industrial charger is the ideal choice for the most demanding jobs.

  • MAC Multivolt

    The MAC Multivolt Industrial Charger is ideal for loaner chargers, short term rentals and lift truck service.

  • MAC Patriot

    The MAC Patriot is designed for single light shift light duty applications with available recharge times greater than 8 hours.

  • MAC Phantom

    MAC Phantom automatic industrial chargers for single and multi-shift applications.

  • MAC Quantum II

    MAC Quantum II Industrial Chargers are the ideal choice for the most demanding jobs.