C&D Technologies

Alpine Power Systems is an approved platinum vendor of C&D Technologies products. Alpine Power Systems certified technicians are able to perform services on C&D backup power batteries including installation, preventative maintenance, repairs, and recycling. C&D Technologies makes some of the finest power storage and conversion systems on the planet. Telecommunications giants turn to C&D Technologies for dependable power systems. C&D Technologies is also highly focused on power system integration. C&D Technologies manufactures batteries, electronics and fully integrated power systems which provide back-up battery power in the event of a primary power loss or interruption. C&D stationary batteries meet the needs of customers in the telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and utility, switchgear and control, cable, broadband, and solar markets. C&D offers a wide selection of products for all of your Standby Power needs. C&D innovations have led the way toward industry-wide design and technology standards of efficiency and performance. Alpine Power Systems stocks a large amount of C&D batteries.

By offering products that can monitor and rectify AC-to-DC current to power the switches and other equipment, as well as provide backup battery power. C&D is a registered ISO 9001 producer at five factories across the world and three of their R&D facilities. Three of C&D’s factories are registered to TL 9000. C&D Technologies continues to develop new technologies and create more products that will be benchmarks in electrical power storage and conversion. In 1906, Frank Carlile and Leon Doughty started C&D Technologies. Carlile and Doughty followed this first success by recognizing the opportunities emerging in the automotive industry. Their company, C&D, began producing automotive batteries. C&D later met the challenges of the Second World War by developing industrial batteries. Following the war, C&D expanded into battery systems for the burgeoning communications industry. Today, C&D continues to focus on the industrial power systems market with state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering, and research facilities across the country. For more than 100 years, C&D Technologies has fulfilled the vision of its founders by designing and manufacturing the finest integrated standby power batteries.

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