Data Center UPS


Alpine Power Systems carries and stocks a complete line of UPS Systems from all of the leading manufacturers including Vertiv Liebert UPS Systems & Vertiv Chloride UPS Systems (Previously Emerson Network Power). With one of the most comprehensive product offerings available on the market today, we are an industry leader and globally recognized provider of technologically advanced power quality solutions for computer rooms, network closets, server rooms, and large data centers. Solutions ranging from 100 VA to 1 MW or more, single-phase to three-phase and run times from 3 minutes to several hours are available for immediate purchase. Alpine stocks Offline, Line-Interactive, & Online UPS Systems, not to mention a large supply of UPS Batteries.

An uninterruptible power supply (also uninterruptible power source), is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. A UPS System will supply near instant protection from input power interruptions, by providing energy from batteries, supercapacitors, or flywheels. The on-battery runtime of most uninterruptible power sources is generally quick but appropriate to start a backup power source or properly shut down critical equipment. A UPS is used to protect hardware including computers, data centers, telecom equipment or other electrical equipment where an unforeseen power loss could cause injuries, death, business downtime or loss of data. The 3 general types of UPS systems are on-line, line-interactive and standby. An on-line UPS System uses a "double conversion" method of accepting AC input, rectifying to DC for passing through the UPS battery (or battery strings), then inverting back to power the protected equipment. A line-interactive UPS maintains the inverter in line and redirects the UPS battery's DC current path from the normal charging mode to supplying current when power is lost. In a standby ("off-line") system the load is powered by the input power and the backup power circuitry is only invoked when utility power fails.

Alpine Power Systems offers a variety of services, management and monitoring options for your Vertiv, Liebert, Chloride, APC, MGE, Tripp-Lite, Eaton, Mitsubishi, GE and third-party UPS Systems. Our UPS System service portfolio consists of ups preventative maintenance, network management cards, software, management, monitoring, and safe system shutdown for your critical IT equipment. If you are unsure which UPS Manufacturer or product might be best for you, or you would like to discuss your particular power problem, please call us at 877-993-8855. We can provide the technical assistance you need to select the proper UPS System for your needs.