Thermal Management

Alpine Power Systems makes possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective thermal management in your mission critical facility through unparalleled expertise and the industry's most advanced service, software, and equipment technology. Achieve industry leading efficiency levels (PUE < 1.1), availability approaching 100%, and up to 50% lower capital and operating costs. Cooling is a crucial part of a data center’s infrastructure. There are multiple options available to maintain the required temperatures to keep your facilities IT equipment operating.  Making the right decision on what thermal management type for your facility or data center depends on multiple factors including power density, room size, budget, and more. Alpine has data center cooling system solutions for almost any IT environment. Our vast thermal managements solutions include indoor and outdoor precision cooling units. Alpine can supply and install row, ceiling and perimeter cooling solutions for indoor IT applications and the backup systems to keep them cool even when the power is out.  

Our outdoor precision cooling systems contain evaporative free cooling systems and free cooling chillers. The outdoor data center free cooling evaporative systems can help you increase revenue, cut operational costs, and improve protection. Alpine’s free cooling evaporative solutions deliver the world’s highest efficiency, protection and reliability, and transform data center design to meet the needs of the largest, most complex data center environments. Alpine offers configuration and project management services to ensure that our solutions fit each customer’s specific requirements. Alpine’s Free Cooling Chillers have dedicated, capacity-matched cooling when availability of critical systems are extremely vital. Our free cooling chillers deliver high efficiency and reliability you require. They are pre-packaged systems so they are easy to install and move.

Our in-row cooling offerings solve higher density challenges with efficient, flexible and scalable cooling and containment systems. Alpine can provide in-row cooling systems that are designed for small and medium data centers, or high-density applications in large data centers. These solutions provide thermal management for greater protection and offer high-tech controls that will manage airflow independently and can manage temperature based on server inlet temperatures to increase efficiency.

Our Rack Cooling offerings are meant for highest density situations that often require cooling solutions that direct airflow to a specific rack. Alpine offers rack cooling modules and rack power distribution units accessories that can support rack loads of up to 35 kW. Alpine’s rack cooling thermal management units can sit above the rack or within the row to minimize or eliminate use of wasted space. Our rack cooling solutions come with pre-configured pumping units and chillers, plus quick-connect piping assemblies to make these cooling systems easy to install and update.

Solve higher density challenges with efficient, flexible, and scalable cooling and containment solutions. Our in-row cooling solutions are designed for small and medium data centers or high density applications in large data centers. These solutions provide precision cooling for greater protection and offer advanced controls that independently manage airflow and temperature based on server inlet temperatures to achieve higher efficiency.

Vertiv's Liebert Thermal Management Cooling products include air conditioning units, HVAC systems, evaporative cooling units and precision cooling solutions, ideal for a reliable data center performance.