Midtronics Cellguard Trace

The Midtronics Cellguard Trace System provides effective string battery monitoring for 24V or 48V battery applications. It is designed to monitor stationary batteries.

Application Markets:

  • Telecommunications
    • Wireline (OSP)
    • Wireless
  • Fire and security alarm systems
  • Broadband
  • Switching and control systems


Rest Assured

Using easy-to-install kelvin connections, the CELLGUARD TRACE measures individual 12-Volt jar conductance, voltage, and temperature every 24 hours. It warns or alarms when any measured parameter crosses a preset threshold. This approach provides early detection of battery degradation, enabling individual jars to be removed from the string prior to full string degradation or system failure.


The Cellguard Trace Features:

  • Simplified installation procedure and economical design 
  • Continuous battery monitoring for improved reliability & cost effective maintenance
  • Identifies infant mortality of batteries that can go undetected
  • Utilizes reliable, field proven conductance technology


Performance Specifications


Battery Conductance Range:
100S < Siemens < 4,000S for 12-Volt batteries


Battery Voltage Range:
10.500V < V < 15.000V (12-Volt battery)
Note: CELLGUARD TRACE is capable of reading above this range.


Battery Temperature Measurement Range:
-20C (-4F) < T < 70C (158F)


String Voltage:
21V < V < 31V for 24-Volt operation
42V < V < 62V for 48-Volt operation


Monitor System Level Requirements

Module Power Source:
CELLGUARD TRACE is powered by the batteries under test.


Module Dimensions:
9 1/2in X 3in X 1 1/4in


Module Environment Requirements


Operating Temperature:
-20C (-4F) to 70C (158F)


Operating Humidity:
0-95% non-condensing

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