Eagle Eye - IBEX-EVIC (Transportation)

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Eagle Eye's IBEX-Evic Battery Tester is the complete solution for testing 12V batteries. The IBEX-Evic portable battery tester diagnoses the status of a 12V battery's internal resistance (R) or Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA), voltage (V), and temperature (°C/°F). The IBEX-Evic can store up to 200 measurement results and allows 20 different alarms/battery models to be stored. Alarms determine the status of the internal resistance or cold cranking amperes, voltage, and temperature of the battery being measured, and can be modified in the included Evicom software or directly on the unit. The Evicom software allows for data management, reporting, and trending.

The IBEX-Evic is powered externally. The unit will power on when connected to a computer via USB Transfer Cable or when the positive and negative test leads (both included) are placed on a 12V battery. The included test leads include a negative clamp and positive 4-point test probe. To start testing, place the negative lead on the negative terminal of the battery then press the positive test lead on the positive terminal of the battery. The battery status will appear within three seconds of testing. "Good", "Warning", or "Fail" will be displayed on the screen of the IBEX-Evic, giving the user an indication of the health of the battery.

Technical Specs:

Measurement Range:

Battery Capacity: 5 - 2000 Ah
Jar Voltage: 12 VDC


DC Voltage: ±0.5%
Internal Resistance: ±1.0%
Temperature: ±2.0%


DC Voltage: 10 mV
Internal Resistance: 0.001 mΩ
Temperature: 0.5 °C CCA: 1 A

Test Speed:

3 – 4 seconds per cell

Test Load:

< 2 A per cell

Calibration Method:

Auto Calibration

Data Transfer:



Backlit LCD

Internal Storage:

200 Test Results
20 Battery Models (for alarm settings)

Operating Environment:

-20 – 80 °C (-4 – 176 °F)

Power Requirements:

9V (006P Battery)


165 x 76 x 33 mm (6.5 x 3 x 1.3 in)


270 g (9.5 oz)

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